February Fawcett: THE MANE EVENT

One of the busiest sites and that’s verified via a hidden counter that tells me where and when people look at it is http://www.myfarrah.com. As February is her birth month, the 2nd of February, this next month’s cover will be graced by Farrah.  You can see the pre-site page at http://stevemckinnis.com/indexFF.php

The seventies belonged to FAWCETT who shot to fame on Charlie’s Angels, graced MILLIONS of teenage bedroom doors and walls and whose smile lit up a world before internet, cell phones, VCRs and computers existed. Parlaying “jiggle-TV” into a respected actress in THE BURNING BED, EXTREMITIES, MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE, SMALL SACRIFICES, THE APOSTLE and other films and televised projects. FAWCETT proved she was more than just “Charlie’s Angels” Jill Munroe. An advocate for THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Fawcett fought her own battle with cancer and lost but her brave and relentless fight once again captured the hearts of millions. FAWCETT may be gone but she’s far from forgotten.


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