Back It Up!

A simple back up drive can run you a whopping $129.00 for 1 TB of space. In other words, that’s huge. I have housed all, that’s ALL the psd files (artwork), photos, code and every other file I have created or stored on my computer on just one of these drives and still have plenty of room left. It is still baffling to me, that people, do not purchase a simple drive like this one. First, it’s so completely easy and simple to use. You can bypass any installation or automated back up drive and use it like you would an old floppy disc or CD. Simply open the folder and drag and drop your files. Recently, I have heard two horror stories about not having a back up. The first was a young lady who had religiously loaded/downloaded all her digital photos to her Apple hard drive. Contrary to popular misconception, Apples, at some time or another, crash, break or simply, pass away after years of use or even neglect. I referred her to two people. Neither of which could restore her data because the drive had burnt out. There was simply no data to recover. Had she just had one of these drives, she would still have all her thousands of photos. Another story is about a client how was recently robbed. Now, they did have a back up drive, however, they’d left it in their business location. This is another issue entirely, but, if you are able to do so, simply purchase TWO drives. Store one off site, meaning, not in your house, not in your business. Get a safety deposit box or store it (well packaged-free of water/dirt/dust) in the trunk of your car. It’s just one more way to make sure you have the peace of mind that comes when you know your data is somewhere that you can retrieve it in the worst case of scenarios.
I highly recommend Western Digital Drives. I have several of these portable drives and they are worth every penny. Here’s a direct link to their products and web site:  I have purchased my drives from Costco here in San Diego.

PS. It DOES matter what kind of back up drive/brand you buy. I do not recommend SEAGATE for any back up purposes. Their drives, in my opinion, are not reliable and are built on failed technology (allegedly).


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