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Sometimes someone is a friend who hosts sites and sometimes a designer wants to just control or have control over the client’s domain and hosting until the job is completed or long after.  More often than not, though, eventually, the two part ways and the client is the one lost in the shuffle, not knowing where their site is hosted or where their domain name is held.
Migrating Runcie’s is somewhat de ja vu as there are “hiccups” along the way with the company hosting the domain name being difficult and not relinquishing something as easy as a transfer to a hosting “friend” turning off their services. 
The old adage of “buyer beware” is something not to uncommon in the world of the web but for those of us who care about their client and making sure they have what they own from the start it is a lesson that gets old once revisited. 
In Summary, the best advice to anyone securing web design is to make sure you have your hosting and domain name in your name and to keep it simple, it’s better to have them in the same place. That’s two cents of unsolicited advice that may save you, your business and your site’s issues a lot of time and aggravation down the road of change, evolution and development.

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