Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

Just up Interstate 80 or The Tom Osborne Expressway is The Stuhr Museum nestled in Grand Island, Nebraska. The home of Henry Fonda is there, along with other authentically western homes and buffalo on this majestic museum. It’s long been a favorite of mine since I was very young. My parents would herd up all us and take us to the museum to explore and imagine what life must’ve been like for early western settlers. I often go back and walk the unpaved streets and pathways and look at the wonderful homes and buildings that still invite imagination and exploration all these years later.  My web site features this wonderful home to nostalgia that you can physically touch, see and feel. If it’s been a minute since you’ve explored, or if you have never seen it in person be sure to stop out and visit The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Their website is 
Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
3133 W US Hwy 34
Grand Island, NE 68801
(308) 385-5316




photos by steve mckinnis


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New pages for Noel Cruz of

Several new pages for Noel Cruz of by Repainted, restyled and re-rooted customized and created by Noel for commissions and auctions and now posted to his site and social media accounts including Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and more.

Audrey Hepburn
My Fair Lady &
Roman Holiday
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Bio Pro Colorado


Excellent people and excellent company!

Rack Card Draft:

Blog, twitter, tumblr… branding, logo, site coding and site by
stevemckinnis.comRack Card printing at

Business Cards:








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Helwig Estate Vineyard Label

Rough Draft

3v by 4h
back label

1.5v by 2.5h

the bottle label before (photos)
wrap around label

7.375v by 3.125h trim size

full bleed is 7.625 x 3.125full wrap labels on line at

square & oval wine labels at




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New Pages for Woodward’s Disposal


New pages, graphics, photography and layouts by Steve McKinnis of for Woodward’s Disposal in Hastings, Nebraska. Great White Shredding is managed by Jeff McCoy of Hastings and needed new pages, photos of shredding bins, console, bag and other layouts completed.


Great White Shredding
The only locally owned and operated Shred Company in South Central Nebraska.
Woodwards Disposal
1039 South Burlington Avenue
Hastings, Nebraska 68901 
(402) 462-9252


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New Page, Social Media for

Graphics, new page, banners, social posts and updates for an auction of Noel Cruz’s Elsa Tonner Repaint and Restyle of Actress Georgina Haig from the ABC TV Series Once Upon A Time. Images appear on his web site at, on his Tumblr: on his Twitter: on his Google+ and Blog at: & on his Flickr at as well as in an ongoing sign up mailing that is sent out when auctions activate to registrants via his web site all of which are updated, posted and created by This is doll one of two for this Once Upon A Time auction, auctions will run consecutively on eBay at


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Talk Award for

Given annually, The Talk Award was created to honor those businesses that put a priority on customer care. What makes this award different is our research process. “Talk” spends countless hours analyzing customer reviews, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades to determine a company’s star rating. Only those businesses that earn our highest ratings are presented with The Talk Award for excellence in customer satisfaction.





Awarded to Stephen McKinnis of for 2016.

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