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Grace United Methodist Church New Site & More

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Got Me?

GOTMEpng has been completely redone. Originally created and built by this site was in need of an update. Tshotim Marzullo has been working with me for over a decade and has always said to me that he receives nothing but compliments on his site, it’s ability to relay his personality on line and that his business increased steadily ever since it was originally built.


The site features photography by Andrew Printer.


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Lucy Sutton


“On May 16, 1846, the Last Will of my fourth great grandfather John Sutton was admitted to record for probate by Judge William F. Crabtree in Duval County Florida. The will emancipated my fourth great grandmother Lucy Sutton and their eight children and six grandchildren.”Terry Franklin.

John Sutton, born in 1770, was a white man who established a family with his “mulatto slave Lucy”. Together they raised eight children, including a daughter Easter, who had six children of her own. Discovering the will was just the beginning of my journey.

As John was dying in 1846, he hired a lawyer to prepare a will to emancipate Lucy and their offspring. Between the drafting of the will on January 24, and December of that year, John died in May, and the family packed all their belongings and traveled from Black Creek Florida (near Jacksonville), up to Savannah, boarded a boat, and made their way down the coast, around the Florida keys, to New Orleans, and then up the Mississippi River, before landing in Pope County Illinois.

During this same time, John’s younger brother, Shadrack, contested the will, claiming that John was feeble-minded and influenced by “ardent spirits” to execute the will, and that Florida didn’t allow the emancipation of slaves.

Shadrack had threatened many times that he would whip Lucy and her family if he ever got his hands on them.

The Last Will of Lucy Sutton is the fictionalized account of these true events, following the family on their quest to gain and to protect their freedom in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

New Web Site by

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Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

Just up Interstate 80 or The Tom Osborne Expressway is The Stuhr Museum nestled in Grand Island, Nebraska. The home of Henry Fonda is there, along with other authentically western homes and buffalo on this majestic museum. It’s long been a favorite of mine since I was very young. My parents would herd up all us and take us to the museum to explore and imagine what life must’ve been like for early western settlers. I often go back and walk the unpaved streets and pathways and look at the wonderful homes and buildings that still invite imagination and exploration all these years later.  My web site features this wonderful home to nostalgia that you can physically touch, see and feel. If it’s been a minute since you’ve explored, or if you have never seen it in person be sure to stop out and visit The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Their website is 
Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
3133 W US Hwy 34
Grand Island, NE 68801
(308) 385-5316




photos by steve mckinnis


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New pages for Noel Cruz of

Several new pages for Noel Cruz of by Repainted, restyled and re-rooted customized and created by Noel for commissions and auctions and now posted to his site and social media accounts including Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and more.

Audrey Hepburn
My Fair Lady &
Roman Holiday
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Bio Pro Colorado


Excellent people and excellent company!

Rack Card Draft:

Blog, twitter, tumblr… branding, logo, site coding and site by
stevemckinnis.comRack Card printing at

Business Cards:








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