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Working up a draft/new site/blog and branding for a Pilates Studio in Solana Beach. and sample site at and blog at
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Literally Trump is who he is

Another week, another diatribe. Another round of Trump speaking and his paid spokespersons scrambling to redefine, spin and speak on his behalf. The world of political spin is on fire and Trump is the grand puppet pulling the strings of smarter puppets attempting to reconcile his ridiculous and dishonest rants as quickly as possible (though not as quickly as Trump’s keystrokes and Twitter posts).

His supporters and paid spokesmen and women, people like (Lawyer and former politician) Rudy Giulani and (convicted shoplifter & alleged Welfare Fraud Recipient as a former advisor to Ted Cruz) Katrina Pierson are starting to sound like Munchausen Syndrome victims or abused partners of someone who continually beats them into a psychosis so deep they actually believe the person lying to them or abusing them so much so they defend every action and every statement.
When Trump said this week that Obama founded ISIS and Hillary Clinton was the co-founder he meant it: literally. When pressed to explain and even being fed the outlining circumstances that brought ISIS into being Trump clearly and unequivocally stated, “No, I mean LITERALLY, Obama founded ISIS.”

What a difference a day makes. Today Trump says it was “Sarcasm.” Of course that was via Twitter. After all Trumps favorite forum for all his immediate thoughts, in just one hundred and forty characters, is Twitter. Trumps tweets are as ridiculous as his economic plan. “Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) “the founder” of ISIS, and & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?”

Trump is dropping in the polls and his complete “meltdown” is documented in the latest issue of TIME and he’s even thinking about the vacation he will take when he loses in November. I have to say I was on the fence about even voting this November but after Trump’s latest about the second amendment and inviting some nut cake to assassinate Clinton I went on line, bought a shirt and bumper sticker on behalf of the Clinton campaign and now I’m listening and watching all the more closely. How it is this sycophant is even running for office in the first place? He should be sitting in a padded cell and being accessed for some kind of medication to help him heal.
I have every intention of casting my ballot this election now that I know the alternative is a completely insane megalomaniac intent on making the rich richer and the poor even poorer. What? You don’t get sarcasm Mr. Trump? 
I’m with her.
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Getting creative for #hastags on Twitter!


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AgroAmerica Scam on Designers


AgroAmerica Scam targets on-line designers ( ). This is a  scam being perpetrated upon freelance web designers and graphic designers and it is pretty disgusting. Since this is the second time they’ve contacted me I thought it’s time to promote them. The phone number I was texted from is probably a burner phone. It’s usually a red flag when someone requests credit card payment or states they have a budget you could literally swim in. The first time they contacted me I knew immediately as they wanted to pay a couple thousand more over what the quote would be that would then be paid to their designer who would then coordinate the deliverables to the designer (me in this case) doing the work.

Click for larger version with text messages

As I have been working with companies and private individuals for decades it’s pretty easy to spot a red flag from the first contact and this was no different. Apparently though they have fooled a few people and are perfecting their approach. For designers who want to work (who doesn’t?) it’s tempting to write up a quote and take on jobs even when red flags are waving but the reality is it’s better to listen carefully and determine the risks, especially when doing free-lance and contracted work. My advice; always have a signed contract and always do a little research regarding your potential client before you start any work or draft. Never deliver frame work or designs until you have a signed contract from someone authorized to contract work. For more about this scam  read:

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HPV Vaccine Campaign

Slogan, graphics, ad design, posts, social and site by

Vaccinate don’t Procrastinate. 

“It is extremely easy to contract HPV… 
HPV cancers are preventable, 
unlike most other cancers”
– Alana Stewart
President/CEO of The Farrah Fawcett Foundation wants you to know along with The Farrah Fawcett Foundation you can prevent HPV with a vaccination.  For more information about HPV and Cancer visit


Have you see this video about HPV from The Farrah Fawcett Foudnation? A vaccination can make the difference.


The Farrah Fawcett Foundation YouTube Channel

Have you visited and or donated to The Farrah Fawcett Foundation? Be sure to check them out on Instagram, Facebook and via the Foundations Web Site and the Farrah Fawcett Store! 

You can access them on line via at or visit them directly:

And you can also shop for great 

Farrah Fawcett items

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The Sculptor the Hero of the Artist

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The Sculptor: The Hero of the Artist

by Steve McKinnis

Unbeknownst to most folk, or of no thought at all is the
person behind the Mattel, Hot Toy or Tonner Sculpt of a collectible doll,
sometimes a specific celebrity. Many of these companies, like Franklin Mint and
Disney too, don’t list, reveal or credit the sculptor of any given doll. More
often than not the sculptor like many artists who work on the preliminary dolls
(or prototype) have signed a contract prohibiting them from showing the work they have
done or even being able to show or post what they did do to any form of media.
Be it Facebook, twitter or anything else, they are prohibited from exhibiting
their part in the process.

Noel Cruz has often stated and still states unequivocally,
that the basis for the best possible repaint of a celebrity is the underlying sculpt.
He has also painted many dolls where in that particular sculpt wasn’t ever
intended to be a specific person (living or dead) and the mastery of his craft
is very apparent on both formats.
A Mattel Black Label Farrah Fawcett Barbie restyled and repainted  by Cruz for eBay auction

The reality is Cruz feels that all artists involved should
be able to take credit for their work. Cruz himself has often wanted to commission
a sculptor but has no idea who it was that sculpted a great sculpt, take the
Farrah Fawcett sculpt done for Mattel. Cruz would love to have a non-smiling
version. Who do you contract? Where do you start? Mattel won’t release or share
the name of the original sculptor. That’s their right. They paid for the work and
the artist/sculptor who did it agreed to their terms.

Cruz often gives credit where a doll company and production
company would not: to the nameless sculptor who continues to do amazing and
detailed work but without any namesake recognition. So credit must end up going
to the doll company that produced the said doll that ended up being stripped of
its factory paint, then restyled, sometimes re-rooted, then repainted.
A generic sculpt Barbie Becomes

Oscar Winner Angelina Jolie-Pitt

The ultimate ability to breathe life into these three
dimensional canvases, especially one that was never molded or intended to be a
specific person goes to the artist. It takes a lot of skill and mastery to give
the correct depth, via shading and light to create the nuances of a smile, a
smirk or a glint in the eye of that collectible and Noel Cruz has become a name
recognized for that ability. A humble and quiet man in Anaheim who makes his
living auctioning and being commissioned to repaint and restyle a doll in the
likeness of someone’s favorite celebrity.

Some generic Barbies or other dolls that become someone other than the original intention of the doll company follow (as well as directly above with Angelina Jolie-Pitt from a Basic Barbie Sculpt) below is a Mattel Ghost Barbie as Farrah Fawcett (a non-smiling version) and a Fashion Royalty repainted and styled to become Bo Derek.

For more of Noel’s work visit
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Henry Cavill as Superman by Noel Cruz



Graphics, panels, new pages for by for upcoming auction and current auction on eBay for the new film. LIVE on eBay #HenryCavill as #Superman in #BatmanvSuperman by at Actor Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman as repainted by me: artist Noel Cruz up for auction on eBay on 3.24.2016. This is a 19″ Jakks Superman with a sculpted on suit and majestic red cape. See more examples of Noel’s work at my web site:
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