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Graphics, new page, banners, social posts and updates for an auction of Noel Cruz’s Elsa Tonner Repaint and Restyle of Actress Georgina Haig from the ABC TV Series Once Upon A Time. Images appear on his web site at, on his Tumblr: on his Twitter: on his Google+ and Blog at: & on his Flickr at as well as in an ongoing sign up mailing that is sent out when auctions activate to registrants via his web site all of which are updated, posted and created by This is doll one of two for this Once Upon A Time auction, auctions will run consecutively on eBay at


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Talk Award for

Given annually, The Talk Award was created to honor those businesses that put a priority on customer care. What makes this award different is our research process. “Talk” spends countless hours analyzing customer reviews, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades to determine a company’s star rating. Only those businesses that earn our highest ratings are presented with The Talk Award for excellence in customer satisfaction.





Awarded to Stephen McKinnis of for 2016.

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New video for by and page/updates of the site featuring Noel’s latest repaint of Barbra Streisand a commissioned doll. Noel is currently at work on two dolls after actors from the television show Once Upon A Time as part of a collaboration with other Once of a Kind (OOAK) artists.  Visit his web site for more of his work.


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Rough Draft for new site



Working up a draft/new site/blog and branding for a Pilates Studio in Solana Beach. and sample site at and blog at
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Literally Trump is who he is

Another week, another diatribe. Another round of Trump speaking and his paid spokespersons scrambling to redefine, spin and speak on his behalf. The world of political spin is on fire and Trump is the grand puppet pulling the strings of smarter puppets attempting to reconcile his ridiculous and dishonest rants as quickly as possible (though not as quickly as Trump’s keystrokes and Twitter posts).

His supporters and paid spokesmen and women, people like (Lawyer and former politician) Rudy Giulani and (convicted shoplifter & alleged Welfare Fraud Recipient as a former advisor to Ted Cruz) Katrina Pierson are starting to sound like Munchausen Syndrome victims or abused partners of someone who continually beats them into a psychosis so deep they actually believe the person lying to them or abusing them so much so they defend every action and every statement.
When Trump said this week that Obama founded ISIS and Hillary Clinton was the co-founder he meant it: literally. When pressed to explain and even being fed the outlining circumstances that brought ISIS into being Trump clearly and unequivocally stated, “No, I mean LITERALLY, Obama founded ISIS.”

What a difference a day makes. Today Trump says it was “Sarcasm.” Of course that was via Twitter. After all Trumps favorite forum for all his immediate thoughts, in just one hundred and forty characters, is Twitter. Trumps tweets are as ridiculous as his economic plan. “Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) “the founder” of ISIS, and & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?”

Trump is dropping in the polls and his complete “meltdown” is documented in the latest issue of TIME and he’s even thinking about the vacation he will take when he loses in November. I have to say I was on the fence about even voting this November but after Trump’s latest about the second amendment and inviting some nut cake to assassinate Clinton I went on line, bought a shirt and bumper sticker on behalf of the Clinton campaign and now I’m listening and watching all the more closely. How it is this sycophant is even running for office in the first place? He should be sitting in a padded cell and being accessed for some kind of medication to help him heal.
I have every intention of casting my ballot this election now that I know the alternative is a completely insane megalomaniac intent on making the rich richer and the poor even poorer. What? You don’t get sarcasm Mr. Trump? 
I’m with her.
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Getting creative for #hastags on Twitter!


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AgroAmerica Scam on Designers


AgroAmerica Scam targets on-line designers ( ). This is a  scam being perpetrated upon freelance web designers and graphic designers and it is pretty disgusting. Since this is the second time they’ve contacted me I thought it’s time to promote them. The phone number I was texted from is probably a burner phone. It’s usually a red flag when someone requests credit card payment or states they have a budget you could literally swim in. The first time they contacted me I knew immediately as they wanted to pay a couple thousand more over what the quote would be that would then be paid to their designer who would then coordinate the deliverables to the designer (me in this case) doing the work.

Click for larger version with text messages

As I have been working with companies and private individuals for decades it’s pretty easy to spot a red flag from the first contact and this was no different. Apparently though they have fooled a few people and are perfecting their approach. For designers who want to work (who doesn’t?) it’s tempting to write up a quote and take on jobs even when red flags are waving but the reality is it’s better to listen carefully and determine the risks, especially when doing free-lance and contracted work. My advice; always have a signed contract and always do a little research regarding your potential client before you start any work or draft. Never deliver frame work or designs until you have a signed contract from someone authorized to contract work. For more about this scam  read:

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